Student Parking


Students driving cars must register them yearly at the Assistant Principal’s office.  The SPEED LIMIT on the grounds is 10 mph.    Recklessness will result in the withdrawal of a student’s permit to drive the vehicle on the grounds.  No student is to be in a car during the day or during the lunch hour.


Student parking is located around the perimeter of the Dupre Sports and Arts Center, and next to the gray extension building. There is no parking in front of the garage or in the visitor lot. Students may not park in the faculty lots.

Students must register any cars that they drive and park on school grounds with the office.  A parking permit tag must hang from the rear view mirror of these car at all times.  There is a $1 registration fee.

Visitor parking is located in a small lot to the right of the small Nursery School Building, directly outside of the main office. All vehicles entering the school driveway should leave room on the left for an emergency, or any, vehicle to pass around.  Students should demonstrate consideration for fellow parkers. 



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