The Story of the Yawgoog Trails


Suggested Route for Second Class Rank

Total distance: Approximately 5.6 miles (9.0 kilometers)
Total hiking time: approximately 2.5 hours

Caution: Hikers should be very careful, by wearing at least 400 square inches (2,580 square centimeters) of blaze orange material, such as a vest, when hiking in the Pachaug State Forest during Connecticut's deer hunting season (September through December). Hunting is prohibited in Yawgoog. Hikers should also be careful to walk single-file on the left side of roads, facing oncoming traffic. Young Scouts should do this hike in groups of at least 4, including at least 2 adult leaders; please bring Maps (Reservation map and Green Fall Pond Area map) and a compass.

A brief walk-through is discussed here; readers are encouraged to use the full descriptions of the main Yawgoog trails for more detail.

Starting at the T. Dawson Brown Gateway, follow the Orange Trail all the way back to the gate, taking in most of Yawgoog's main facilities and program centers. Proceed to the Three Point dining hall, and follow the Yellow Trail, in reverse direction as described in the guide.

When arriving at Cooning Orchard, remember that there are 5 yellow-blazed trails there. Follow the single-dot yellow trail that descends northwest to Blueberry Swamp on Yawgoog Pond; avoid the Red and Green trails. Continue on the Yellow Trail, around the pond, to Camp Yawgoog Road and turn left (west).

Follow the dirt road uphill to the Blue Trail at the Rhode Island-Connecticut Border; turn right (north) onto the trail, which will have yellow and blue markers. Follow the trail on the state border to Dinosaur Cliffs and Caves, for safety reasons, please do not enter the upper cave.

The blue and yellow markers then lead to an intersection of trails. Follow the blue and yellow blazes right (east) and down; avoid the blue-marked path that goes left (northwest) and up, as it leads to Green Fall Pond. The trail crosses a bridge and climbs to Dinosaur Rock. From here, Yawgoog's Blue Trail heads right (east); avoid the yellow markings of the Tippecansett Trail that lead to the left (north). Follow the blue markers until they end at the White Trail near Sherwood Forest. Follow the White Trail ahead, crossing Sherwood Forest, to the dirt road to the Sandy Beach dining hall.

Congratulations! Not only has the Second Class hiking requirement been met, half of the Hiker of the Yawgoog Trails Award is done, too! The White, Red and Green trails can be hiked in the future to complete the award.

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