The Story of the Yawgoog Trails


Quick Reference Summary: White Trail

Total distance: 1.80 miles (2.90 kilometers)
Total hiking time: approximately 1 hour

Beginning at the Medicine Bow Amphitheatre, the trail heads north, passes by Campsite Minnikesu (Minikesu), and leads into Camp Sandy Beach. It passes by the Sandy Beach Amphitheatre, the Campcraft Center and Campsite Neil Armstrong. Turning left (west) after Campsite Neil Armstrong, the trail immediately turns to the right (northwest) to pass by Campsite John Glenn to the right (east). Soon after taking this turn, the concrete casing of a spring will also be seen on the right (northeast).

The trail crosses Anthony Road and passes by the site of the Old Sandy Beach Amphitheatre roughly four minutes after the spring casing. "Lean-To Cave" will soon follow to the left (south), almost 1.5 minutes later. A side-trail leads to the right (north) to the Atlas campsite. The main White Trail heads west and arrives at a four-way intersection. A second side-trail to the Atlas campsite leads to the right (north). An unmarked path leads left (southwest) to descend to the swampy base of Smuggler's Cliffs and Indian Cave. The main White Trail leads straight ahead to climb up a ledge to Smuggler's Cliffs.

After Smugglers' Cliffs the trail arrives at another side-trail, this one leading to the right (north) to Camp Yawgoog Road. The main White Trail crosses a stream and heads west to Pickerel Cove; a side-trail along the cove is on the left -- heading west, then south -- and takes about six minutes to travel. From the intersection the main path veers to the right (north) and joins Camp Yawgoog Road at the site of the old mill. The White Trail follows the road left (west) for a few yards.

Opposite the start of Yawgoog's Yellow Trail, the White Trail follows another dirt road on the right (north) to Hidden Lake. At the dam and non-functional water pump, a side-trail branches to the left (north), and returns to the main trail on the northern shore in approximately seven minutes. The main trail follows the path leading off to the right (east) from the pump and arrives at a scenic peninsular campsite in roughly three minutes. It reconnects with the side-trail 4.5 minutes later; from this juncture the path continues north until it intersects with the Blue/Freeman Trail. Turning right (east), the White Trail passes through Sherwood Forest. After continuing among the "upper" campsites of Sandy Beach on the Curtis Tract, the trail ends at the Sandy Beach dining hall.

For the full description of this hike, please see the White Trail.


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