The Story of the Yawgoog Trails


Quick Reference Summary: Red Trail

Total distance: 1.54 miles (2.48 kilometers)
Total hiking time: approximately 1 hour

The trail begins at the Three Point dining hall and follows the Admiral Clark Road briefly until it veers to the right and toward the dam. It passes by the dam and turns left (south) at Campsite Donald C. Dewing, away from the Yellow Trail and avoiding Campsite Wells Fargo. Roughly 2 minutes after leaving the split, the hiker should notice Snapper Rock, which resembles the head of a snapping turtle, on the right (west). About 2.5 minutes after Snapper Rock a stone enclosure will be seen on the right (west); a second, partly overgrown, stone enclosure will be on the left (south) shortly after that. Eagle's Roost, a cliff above Wincheck Pond, will also be reached soon after the enclosures. About 1.5 minutes after leaving Eagle's Roost, the trail passes through the Needle (also known as the Keyhole), two boulders about a foot (30 centimeters) apart.

Almost immediately after the Needle is an intersection with a side-trail on the left that heads south. This side-route used to be a shorter way to North Road (also called Hopkinton-Rockville Road, Long Bridge Road, Old Rockville Road, Rockville Road, and West Rockville Road), but it is now swampy and impassable. The main trail continues northwestward from the intersection to Rustlers' Hideout.

After leaving the intersection, the main trail meets with Rustlers' Hideout in just over 6.5 minutes -- about 0.3 mile (0.5 kilometer). Just before Rustlers' Hideout is a short path on the right (north) that connects to the Lumber Road of the Yellow Trail; hikers should be careful not to take this path accidentally. Immediately after Rustlers' Hideout (a large rock formation) is another crossing of paths. The path to the right (northwest) meets with the Yellow Trail at Cooning Orchard while the main Red Trail bears left (southeast).

Bearing left, the trail descends into a lush rhododendron forest called Cedar Swamp. It then climbs to an intersection, about seven minutes away (just over 0.3 mile, or 0.5 kilometer) from Rustler's Hideout. The main trail turns right (southwest) while the side-trail to the left leads eastward to North Road and Long and Ell ponds. After taking the right-hand branch, the trail passes by High Rock to the left (south). The southern end of the Symbol Rock Trail, a side-trail associated with the Green Trail, soon meets with the Red Trail from the right (northwest). The stones of a fireplace can be seen on the left (southeast), just a few feet southwest of the junction with the Symbol Rock Trail. The Red Trail comes upon the Richmond Boulder Field shortly after leaving the fireplace. The trail ends at the Southwest Marker within the Richmond Boulder Field. The Green Trail also ends at the Southwest Marker, arriving from the north, after leaving the Sawdust Pile.

Note: Horses are prohibited in Camp Yawgoog (land north and west of North Road). If horse riders, hoof prints or feces are observed on trails, please contact Narragansett Council. More information is available.

For the full description of this hike, please see the Red Trail.


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