The Story of the Yawgoog Trails


Quick Reference Summary: Orange Trail

Total distance: approximately 1.8 miles (2.9 kilometers)
Total hiking time: approximately 30 to 45 minutes

Starting from the T. Dawson Brown Gateway, the Orange Trail leads toward the southeast, behind the Reservation Trading Post/Yawgoog Alumni Heritage Center into Donald North Court. It passes to the left of East Cabin and then reaches the Lattner Cabin and the Challenge Center. After leaving the Challenge Center, the trail comes across the Roland Broulliard Handicapped Awareness Trail on the left (east) and a Superintendent's home on the right (west) and arrives at a crossing of dirt roads.

After turning right (west), the trail arrives at the Protestant Cathedral. The trail descends the Steps of the Scout Law to arrive at an intersection with the Adams Trail. Directly ahead (northwest) is the Orange Trail, while the Adams Trail is to the right (north) -- ending at the Bucklin Memorial Building.

By way of the Swamp Trail, the Orange Trail enters Camp Three Point, taking in Shape Lodge, the Fallon Flagpole, and the Memorial Bell Tower. Coinciding with Marvel Road, the trail turns to the east (right), passing by the J. Harold Williams Amphitheatre to the right and Wincheck Cabin to the left. At the Order of the Arrow Information Center the road turns left (north). Tim O'Neil Field, the Drayton Flagpole, and the Kelley Nature Center are to the right; to the left are the Temple of the Ten Commandments and the Cowen Cabin. Following Marvel Road the trail enters Camp Medicine Bow. The Armington Memorial Health Lodge and the H. Cushman Anthony Stockade are obvious landmarks on the right, opposite the side-trail to the Ashaway Aquatics Center.

Bearing right at the road fork in front of Rathom Lodge, the main trail passes by the CIT Corps in Campsite Minnikesu (Minikesu) and wanders into Camp Sandy Beach. After climbing the gentle slope to Metcalf Lodge, the trail passes by Camp Cady and the Sutton-Gray Flagpole. The Orange goes around the left (western) side of the building. The trap shooting range is on the northern side of Camp Yawgoog Road, just west of the dining hall, down the hill. After turning right (east) at the intersection of dirt roads that mark the boundary of the Curtis Tract, the site of the Maxon House and the Chippewah Cabin will be found behind the dining hall to the left. The road bends to the south just before reaching the David S. Anderson Archery Range and Camp Cady. After Camp Cady the trail passes by the Lane-Bliven Rifle Range and shortly bears right, arriving at the St. John Bosco Chapel. Returning to Tim O'Neil Field, the trail enters the woods behind the Drayton Flagpole to end at the T. Dawson Brown Gateway.

For the full description of this hike, please see the Orange Trail.


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