The Story of the Yawgoog Trails


Quick Reference Summary: Green Trail

Total distance: 0.62 mile (1.0 kilometer)
Total hiking time: approximately 30 minutes

The Green Trail begins where it meets the Yellow Trail, near Hemlock Ledge. It heads southwest, reaching the juncture with the Wilcox Trail in just over five minutes -- 0.25 mile (0.4 kilometer). Leaving the Wilcox Trail behind, the path continues southwest for three minutes until it arrives at the Sawdust Pile. To the left (east) is the Wo-Jack Trail, while the Green Trail also heads straight ahead (southwest) from the Sawdust Pile, quickly ending at the Southwest Marker, where the Red Trail also ends.

After leaving the Sawdust Pile, the Wo-Jack Trail meets the Symbol Rock Trail on the right (southwest) in about four minutes; this side-trail reaches Symbol Rock in just over 1.5 minutes and Millennium Rock is encountered about 2 minutes after leaving Symbol Rock. Continuing around Cedar Swamp and through the Creaking Forest and the Richmond Boulder Field, the Symbol Rock Trail meets with the Red Trail near a small stone fireplace, about 2.5 minutes after leaving Millennium Rock.

Just beyond the meeting of the Symbol Rock Trail and the Wo-Jack Trail is yet another intersection. To the right (east) is a connecting path to the Yellow Trail and Fort Hilton on Hill 407 while the Wilcox Trail is on the left, leading northwest. The Wilcox Trail climbs over a rock formation called Twelve Man Shelter in just over four minutes. The Wilcox Trail ends at an intersection near the top of the Twelve Man Shelter. To the left (southwest), the Green Trail heads toward the Sawdust Pile and ends at the Southwest Marker.

Note: Horses are prohibited in Camp Yawgoog. If horse riders, hoof prints or feces are observed on trails, please contact Narragansett Council. More information is available.

For the full description of this hike, please see the Green Trail.


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