The Story of the Yawgoog Trails


Quick Reference Summary: Green Fall Pond Area

Total distance: 4.43 miles (7.13 kilometers)
Total hiking time: approximately 1.5 to 2.5 hours

Caution: Hikers should be very careful, by wearing at least 400 square inches (2,580 square centimeters) of blaze orange material, such as a vest, when hiking in the Pachaug State Forest (managed by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection) during Connecticut's hunting season. The hunting season starts on September 1 and runs through the end of February. Hunting is prohibited in Yawgoog. Swimming at Green Fall Pond is only allowed at the designated area on the north side of the pond, near the campsites. Swimming is prohibited at all other locations around the pond.

This trail continues left (northwest) from the juncture of the Narragansett and Tippecansett trails (after leaving Dinosaur Cliffs and Caves), following the pastel blue markers, and arrives at a fork next to a stream and plank bridge in just over 3.5 minutes. The side-trail to the right (north) leads to Green Fall Marsh and some caves. These caves will be reached in almost 2.5 minutes while the end of the path will be reached almost two minutes later. Hikers should be aware that black bears have returned to Connecticut and Rhode Island, so there is a possibility that caves could be inhabited.

Back at the fork, the CFPA Narragansett Trail continues across the stream. It reaches an old fireplace in about 1.5 minutes, crosses an intermittent stream, and then meets the site of the old Thomas Mill and sluice -- about 0.5 mile (0.8 kilometer) after the plank bridge, requiring about 9.5 minutes, total. A shelter and fireplace are near the mill.

After leaving the mill, the trail comes upon an intersection with a dirt road is just over four minutes. The road left (south) takes hikers to a curved dam/levee, away from the public beach. The right-hand (north) leg of the road leads to a juncture where the Narragansett Trail branches off to the left (west), about a one minute walk from the intersection.

After crossing the Green Fall River, the trail comes upon yet another crossroads of trails in just 2.5 minutes. To the left (southeast), the Narragansett Trail, marked in solid blue, follows the shore of the pond to the dam. Leading to the beach, the right-hand (northwestern) trail, marked with red dots on blue rectangles (the Pachaug/Narragansett Crossover), heads to a road in six minutes. By turning left (southwest) on this road and crossing the gate, hikers will pass a small parking area and trail to the left and arrive at the beach in two minutes, after crossing two streams.

When leaving the beach, hikers can return the way they came or take the first trail on the right (south); this is the Green Fall Pond Trail, marked with orange dots on blue rectangles. This path comes to an intersection of trails. The left-hand (northeastern) branch heads eastward back to a dirt road and then on to the Thomas Mill site. From the intersection the right-hand (southern) branch crosses the Green Fall River and continues to hug the shoreline of Green Fall Pond, until it reaches a split in about 3 minutes; an unmarked path veers to the right (west) and soon rejoins the main marked trail -- avoiding the climb. The Narragansett Trail's blue blazes climb up to the left (east) from the split, to a connection, also on the left (east), with the dirt road mentioned earlier. Leaving the dirt road behind, the marked trail heads right (southwest) and meets the other end of the short unmarked path about a minute after splitting from it. The marked trail then arrives at a curved dam/levee in about 2 minutes; from the dam/levee, the road leaves the trail behind and ends at Green Fall Road at Peg Mill Brook.

The trail runs on the dam/levee and climbs a hill only to descend again to the Green Fall Pond Dam, all in about six minutes' time; swimming near the dam is prohibited. The solid blue blazes of the Narragansett Trail avoid the dam's causeway by turning southward to descend the eastern edge of the dam into a deep ravine; this is the way back to camp. (The orange dots on blue rectangles mark the Green Fall Pond Trail, which crosses the causeway and circles the pond.) Global Positioning System (GPS) users should be aware that signal reception may be limited in the ravine.

Following the blue blazes, this path follows the Green Fall River, crossing it once, as it winds its way through the deep ravine. After heavy rains travelers should be careful on the slippery rocks, because the water level can be high. About eight minutes after leaving the dam, almost 0.5 mile (0.8 kilometer), a large stone cairn will be seen on the right (northwest); the trail meets with Green Fall Road three minutes later. In Connecticut this dirt road is called Green Fall Road while it is Camp Yawgoog Road in Rhode Island.

The route back to the Reservation turns left (east) on the road, while the CFPA Narragansett Trail runs in the opposite direction; walk single-file on the left side of the road. After 4 minutes of hiking toward Camp, Green Fall Road crosses Peg Mill Brook. In another 4 minutes, a fork will be reached. Coming in from the right (south) is Denison Hill Road; Green Fall Road -- the road back to camp -- is straight ahead (northeast). The start of the Blue Trail is located within a ten minute hike from this fork, a distance of roughly 0.5 mile (0.8 kilometer). The Sandy Beach dining hall is eastward, almost 0.75 mile (1.2 kilometers) down the road; it is about a twelve minute walk, from the interstate border.

For the full description of this hike and driving directions to Green Fall Pond, please see the Green Fall Pond Area.


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