The Story of the Yawgoog Trails


Quick Reference Summary: Seven Pond Path

Total distance: 10.2 miles (16.4 kilometers)
Total hiking time: approximately 4 to 6 hours

Caution: Hikers should be very careful, by wearing at least 400 square inches (2,580 square centimeters) of blaze orange material, such as a vest, when hiking south of the Reservation during hunting season. The Rhode Island hunting season starts on the second Saturday in September and runs through the end of February. Orange is also required in Rhode Island from the third Saturday in April through May 31. Hunting is prohibited in Camp Yawgoog.

From the crossing of the White Trail and Camp Yawgoog Road, follow the White Trail and circle Hidden Lake, taking in the view from the peninsula on the pond's eastern side, and then return to Camp Yawgoog Road.

Take the Yellow Trail to Cooning Orchard, taking in views of Yawgoog Pond from Deer Cove, Hemlock Ledge and Armstrong Point along the way; please see the quick reference summary for the Yellow Trail for more details.

From Cooning Orchard, head southeast on the connector to the Red Trail. Note that the route is now marked in both red and in yellow for the AMC Narragansett Trail; the Narragansett Trail will be followed to its end. The hike leaves the Red Trail behind and follows the yellow blazes to North Road. Please see the quick reference summary for the Long and Ell ponds area for the next phase of the hike.

After visiting Ell Pond, descend on the Narragansett Trail between the two ponds and pass by a very large boulder and along a stone wall built on a ledge; the boulder is reached about 20-30 minutes after leaving Ell Pond. The Narragansett Trail soon arrives at the parking area for the Long Pond fishing area (about 5 minutes after the boulder).

Leaving the parking area behind, the Narragansett Trail veers right (west) at a large ledge. The former swimming area at Ashville Pond is reached approximately 25 minutes after leaving the parking area; the Narragansett Trail ends at the parking space near the former swimming area.

From the parking space, proceed left (southeast) onto the paved Stubtown Road, walking single-file on the left side of the road, facing oncoming traffic. In about 8 minutes, the route turns left (north) onto Canonchet Road and quickly revisits Ashville Pond.

The hike soon leaves Canonchet Road by heading right (east) on a dirt road at a gate. The road winds its way for about 8 minutes to the southern end of Blue Pond. The unmarked road turns left (northwest) and becomes a faint and lightly-used footpath. Hikers can carefully follow the western shore of the pond for about 5-10 minutes, until the path reaches another dirt road. Turn right (east) onto the road and head toward the stone and concrete foundation of a former cabin. A path leads northeastward from the foundation to another view of the pond from a large rock that juts into it.

The hike returns to the foundation and takes the second dirt road west to Canonchet Road (about 8 minutes). Turn right (west) onto Canonchet Road, again walking single-file on the left side of the road, facing oncoming traffic. In about 5 minutes, hikers will pass the parking space for the Long Pond fishing area, which was visited earlier on the Narragansett Trail. Canonchet Road climbs Bellyache Hill, passes Berrie Lane, and reaches an intersection with North Road (less than 15 minutes); turn left (southwest) onto North Road.

While walking along North Road, views of Wincheck Pond will be seen, as well as a sculpture in a wishing well. The route continues southeastward on North Road. Roughly 20 minutes after leaving Canonchet Road, the route passes the parking area for Long and Ell ponds, and retraces the way back to the Reservation on the Red Trail (see its quick reference summary). The Red Trail will be taken all the way to its end at the Three Point dining hall, taking in more views of Wincheck Pond at Eagles Roost and the nearby campsite.

Note: Horses are prohibited in Camp Yawgoog (land north and west of North Road). If horse riders, hoof prints or feces are observed on trails, please contact Narragansett Council. A sign noting the prohibition of horseback riding and other activities is posted on the trail to North Road; please notify the Council if the sign is missing. More information is available.

For the full description of this hike and driving directions to the Ashville Pond area, please see the Seven Pond Path.


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