The Story of the Yawgoog Trails


Appendix F: Subjects for Further Study

The author would be grateful for information about these sites:

Mill Site on Peg Mill Brook on the Narragansett Trail in Voluntown

The Williams and Tracy version of the trail guide names the location as the "old Thomas Mill site" and the brook as "Mill Brook". A potential source of information might be old deed records at the Voluntown town hall. A written inquiry to the the Pachaug State Forest headquarters was not answered. See the Green Fall Pond area, Part I.

Stone foundation of mill in winter
Image by David R. Brierley
Coordinates: N 41° 31.963'>, W 71° 48.104' (Datum: WGS84)
Google Map

Stone Structure Near High Ledge on the Narragansett Trail in North Stonington

It may have been built by settlers or the Civilian Conservation Corps. Deeds at the North Stonington town hall or CCC records may be places to start. See Connecticut Countryside, Part I.

Stone structure, possibly a hearth, near High Ledge
Image by David R. Brierley
Coordinates: N 41° 29.907', W 71° 52.454' (Datum: WGS84)
Google Map

Older Images of Ell Pond

The author is seeking older color images of Ell Pond from the 1980s or early 1990s. Such images would show the full length of the pond, as viewed from the ledge near the plaque. Images must not include people and should be at least 500 pixels wide. Google Map

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