The Story of the Yawgoog Trails


Appendix A: The Hiker of the Yawgoog Trails Award

Hiker of the Yawgoog Trails segment: black footprint on a white background, with a red border.

This award is given to Scouts and Scouters who hike all six major trails of Camp Yawgoog: the Orange, White, Yellow, Green, Red, and Blue trails. The trails must be hiked while there is daylight, since hiking at night is dangerous and is likely to get travelers lost. Hikers must inform their Scoutmasters before leaving. During the summer camp season, hikers must also file a hike report form with their Program Commissioner or Camp Director; the only exception is the Orange Trail. Upon completion, the Scoutmaster will mark the achievement on the awards packet at the end of the week. It is not required that all six trails be hiked within one week; in fact, there is no time limit at all. Only the main trails need to be hiked completely; the side-trails are optional, but highly recommended. Most of these trails can be done in a single trek, the Grand Tour of Yawgoog.

Those who have completed the award are eligible to obtain a Hiker segment from the trading post, to go around the Camp Yawgoog patch. A plaster neckerchief slide in the shape of a boot sole used to be available for painting, but was discontinued in the 1980s.

Unpainted and painted, plaster, Hiker of the Yawgoog Trails neckerchief slides; in the form of boot soles.
Unpainted and painted, plaster, "Hiker of the Yawgoog Trails" neckerchief slides.
Each slide is 3.1 inches (8 centimeters) tall and 1.3 inches (3.3 centimeters) wide.
Image by David R. Brierley


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