The Story of the Yawgoog Trails


Admiral Clark Road

This road is named after Rear Admiral Henry G. Clark, Commander of the Naval Construction Battalion (Seabees) Center at Quonset Point in Davisville, Rhode Island (Anthony, letter, 30 Mar. 1991); the Seabees built the road in 1957. They were also responsible for paving other roads, as well as laying power lines and performing other major tasks for Camp Yawgoog. The route extends from the Three Point dining hall to a loop near campsites Scott, Street, and Zuccolo. Before it was paved, the trail was known as Admiral Clark Trail, and earlier as the Rhododendron Trail -- one of several Rhododendron trails in Yawgoog's history.

The Reservation map of 1931 shows several other items concerning the road. One is that the portion of the Admiral Clark Road from Campsite Zuccolo to Campsite Street was known as Difficulty Path, possibly because of the area's rockiness. The map also indicates that the point at which the road turns southwest in front of Campsite Zuccolo was known as The Forks; probably because it was the meeting point of the Cove Trail, Rhododendron Trail, and Difficulty Path. Campsite Pioneer now occupies a place that was known as "Pioneer Field"; perhaps it served the same function Fort Pioneer did near Campsite Neimpaug (or "Neimpauog" [R. Williams p. 158]) in Camp Medicine Bow. Campsite 49'er was the site of an "Engineer Post"; the other was at what is now Campsite Wetuomuck in Camp Medicine Bow.


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