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Netway Communications is your complete source for internet and intranet solutions. Services include dial-up, web design, web hosting, dedicated lines, frame relay, and co-location. Here are some of the reasons wny CNet rates us as the number one ISP in New England:

We maintain a high capacity Internet connection

There is a great distinction between merely having and maintaining an Internet connection. Some Internet providers get greedy and oversubscribe their Internet connection. This bogs down their local network and means that your connection (either modem or frame relay) cannot perform at maximum capacity. View the statistics of our bandwidth usage. Bandwidth graphs reset on June 19, 200 after upgrading the version of MRTG.

If you've ever wanted to throw that 28.8 modem in the trash, or had problems getting to your homepage, you've experienced network overload.

We are connected through the very best providers

Just like our subscribers attain access from NetWay, so too must NetWay attain its connection to the Internet. Our providers are UUNET Technologies and GTE/BBN. These companies are the Internet.

Therefore, NetWay is one hop away from the Net. This is very significant because, unlike most of the competition, we do not have to worry about encountering network traffic as our data flows through several middlemen until it reaches the original provider.

For these guys, think network overload...now think network overload compounded times each middleman along the way. NetWay has NONE of these problems.

NetWay is knowledgeable, flexible, and available

Automated voice response systems...WE HATE THEM! When you call NetWay, you will always be greeted by a human who can immediately attend to your needs. NetWay does not have the red tape of a large corporation, so we can cater to your needs. We can move quickly, and provide special attention.

NetWay has technical support from 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday. There is a technician on call 24 hours to respond to emergency network situations.

Greater chance of avoiding busy signals

If you've been with another provider, like AOL, then there is a good chance you know what it is like to get a busy signal. What happens is that the provider has gotten a bit greedy, and fails to provide enough phone lines to handle the volume of people wishing to access the service.

What good is unlimited access if you cannot connect to use it! At NetWay, we maintain an 8 to 1 user to modem ratio. No one has told us of a better ratio in the area. We cannot guarantee that a non- dedicated account will never get a busy signal, but this ratio greatly reduces the chances. Click HERE for our unlimited access policy.

Try asking another provider what their ratio is, and see if you can get a straight answer. Let us know if you get one!

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